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Covid Tracking Tag

The first Plug&Play solution for tracking and analyzing the visitor journey at events. Now with COVID-19 tracing for your conference and exhibition.

COVID-19 Track&Trace for Events.

Our Track&Trace solution generates heatmaps to observe visitors' movements. This helps organizers to take action toward safety and ensure that proper prevention takes place.

100% visitor and area coverage

Trace & Export within seconds

Reporting for visitors and exhibitors

Reporting for visitors and exhibitors

Bluetooth Waytag

Simple Plug&Play Setup using WayTags.

The WayTag is a tiny Bluetooth device, which is easily attachable to badges and lanyards of visitors. Visitor movements are captured and saved on our temporally mounted IoT sensors. Our Plug&Play sensors work without wifi and power cable. All data, analyses and reports are made available in our cloud analysis platform already during the event.

Our solution in detail

All-in-One Solution
for your Event.

Already during the event, organizers can react to hot-spots and misconduct of visitors & exhibitors based on our automated reports. In addition to COVID-19 Tracing, organizers can use the tracking data to optimize their event and experience based on the customer journey & engagement of visitors.

Our Customers & Partners trust us.

Austria Convention Bureau
Director, Christian Mutschlechner

“Waytation, two years ago a young start-up company, now an established provider of sophisticated technology and by this knowledge about participants behaviour, not known before. We are proud to support such companies which were born in Vienna.”

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